With our qualifications and global engineering expertise, we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to our clients' needs.
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What we believe in
Driven by Innovation, Committed to Integrity, Dedicated to Excellence – We Believe in Building a Better Future.

Who we are

Mono Group unifies companies and partners in Azerbaijan and abroad, enhancing progressiveness and versatility. Our core team of experts in various engineering disciplines evaluates project solutions.

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What we do

We deliver comprehensive engineering solutions, from conceptual design to final implementation. Our expertise spans various industries, ensuring top-quality results tailored to meet our clients' unique needs.

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What we produce

Explore our range of high-quality products, including advanced hydraulic systems, drying equipment, steel structures, and heating solutions. Each product is engineered for optimal performance and reliability.

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Who We Collaborate With

We collaborate with a diverse network of local and international partners to provide superior engineering solutions. Our partnerships enhance our capabilities and ensure the highest standards in every project.

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What we are best at

Our Services

Project Management
We offer FIDIC-based contract management, detailed process planning, tender and bidding management, construction management and inspection, and expert procurement services to ensure quality and compliance.
Technical Audit and Consulting
We offer technical audits, consulting, feasibility studies, field inspections, and lab testing. Our services ensure compliance with guidelines, increase efficiency, prevent financial issues, identify fraud, and provide cost-effective solutions for claims and delays.
We specialize in constructing buildings, plants, greenhouses, laboratories, and infrastructure. Our expertise ensures each project meets the highest standards of quality and safety, tailored to the specific needs of our clients.
We offer engineering design for plants and equipment, including water and non-water storage facilities. Our services encompass metering and control facilities, automatic control systems and SCADA, CAD, GIS, and mapping, control software, field inspection and reporting, electronics.
We supply a wide range of telecommunication equipment, agricultural machinery and attachments, construction equipment and attachments, as well as vehicles and comprehensive machinery services.
Research & Development
We develop new products and redesign existing ones to meet local requirements. Our services include conducting research, testing product concepts, and researching and developing alternative energy solutions.
We specialize in the production of hydraulic systems for machinery and equipment, drying equipment including cabinet, conveyor, and steam dryers, steel structures, and heating systems such as hot water, hot air, and steam boilers.
Optimize Your Projects with Our Comprehensive Engineering Solutions
Explore our diverse range of services, from advanced hydraulic systems and heating solutions to cutting-edge control systems and innovative product development. Contact us today to elevate your project to the next level.
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